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About the project

Our voices

We present the voices of the participants of the seminar “Toward a world of cultural abundance: reaching globally to revitalize endangered languages”, at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, the University of Warsaw. During our sessions the participants (visiting professors, keynote speakers, researchers, students and PhD candidates) present their research, experiences, analysis and ideas on how to protect and revitalize cultural and linguistic heritage of endangered ethnic groups and speech communities. The main goal of this learning process is to analyze diverse research and revitalization experiences regarding minority groups and speech communities both in Poland and Mexico, but also in other regions of the world, and use them as a basis for innovative solutions, thus contributing to the construction of a more universal model for revitalization, applicable to endangered languages and cultures originated in different cultural contexts. The seminar places emphasis on the importance of the interdisciplinary approach, highlighting the significance of culture-related, anthropological, ethnolinguistic and historical research for potential revitalization initiatives.

Estera Jaros, Developing a boundary-breaking model for studying and revitalizing endangered languages

Szymon Gruda, Standardization in language development